About Us

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We invite you to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or simply get some needed R&R in our one bedroom vacation cottage on a farm that overlooks the spectacular, scenic countryside.  At Heller’s Hillside Hideaway, you will be able to enjoy the picturesque setting, perfect for writers and artists. Our colonial cottage comes with nature trails to explore as well as many great local events and restaurants, and much like a bnb we provide cereal, juice, milk, and coffee on the day you arrive. Check out our local attractions page! We are located in Robesonia PA nearby Reading PA, Lenabon PA, and Penn State Berks.

Our Hillside Hideaway vacation cottage also boasts a unique past. It can be traced all the way back to William Penn, and was part of the 10,000 acres Willed to his daughter, Letitia. She and her husband, William Aubrey, inherited the land in 1718. The couple never used the land, however, and instead the couple transferred their interest to John Page of London in 1730. Page subdivided the land, and the portion that would become part of our farmland was sold to a Reading investor by the name of John Deeter in February of 1779. Deeter then flipped the property to George Ege, who converted the woodland into charcoal to fuel the furnace at his nearby business, Charming Forge. When the wood was gone, Ege sold the cleared land tracts to the Fishers as farmland, and has been maintained as farmland ever since. We are proud to say, we took this one step further, and sold the development rights to the farm. It will remain a beautifully scenic vacation spot like when we first bought it.

Contact us now for more details. We look forward to sharing the beauty of our colonial cottage getaway with you, and we know you will love its charm and history as much as we do.